Am I the only person that looks at glittery lip pencils and eyeshadow and thinks 'Jeez, that stuff sure looks like it'd be fun to draw and paint with...'?

I mean I'd love to make up my face with them(although with my lack of making-up skills and magpie eye I'd likely look awful), but imagine painting a peacock with blue-green eye shimmer!

Only thing that puts me off is the prices. Maybe I can persuade somebody to buy me some makeup for Christmas...

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You should check out a dollar store. Normally they will have some really cheap makeup there.

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I've "painted" with makeup before. It was quite fun!

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Don't dismiss the magpie eye. An article that came out today was about a study that concluded that the magpie was the only non-mammal that could recognize itself in the mirror. Magpie eyes must be awesome!

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