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me "you can stop me from acting on it, but you cant stop me from thinking about it." her "mmhmm..."shrug and topic change. what i meant was that when she asked me why i had to tempt her and i laughed and shrugged, in my head i walked up the stairs, pushed her aginst the concrete wall, slid my leg up to her hip and put her hand high on my thigh and my lips on her neck."now that is tempting you" when i stood next to her in the tiny room, looking out the window, in my head i was on top of her fighting on the reed mats for dominance. muscles straining and breath catching. "nice day today, huh" "i missed you" translated means "i missed flipping you onto your back and sinking my teeth into your shoulder. you can stop my hands from pushing off your shirt and undoing your belt, you can stop my lips from connecting with yours, you can stop my leg from sliding between your thighs but you cant stop my mind. sorry.

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The world would be a terrible place without the comfort of imagination. Imagine that you're in a place where you're not allowed to imagine. Basically there would be nothing around. Without imagination, how could buildings have been constructed, how could art have been granted to us, how could the simple comforts of various foods or pillows or music have been handed to us? I imagine myself standing along side the characters in my fantasy novels, fighting through the same troubles that they do, experiencing the same sensations that they do.

To imagine is to breath for me. I lock myself away inside my head for hours simply watching the world shift by with the waters of creativity raining down from above my head as I tread to the plains of theory. My imagination fuels me to continue on into a realm that I could have never reached before. I write my short stories, my poetry, my longer stories, etc and I lose myself in all of that. It's my release from the "real world" into a different and safer world with new and exciting dangers to create. Imagine that everything is arlight for a little while and maybe this little bit of self-delusion isn't so bad.

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Imagining was all I had.

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Imagine a world of no dying peopled by derelict kings In which all humanity's vying for peace only dreamers can bring

The darkness no longer controls us and lovelessness has here no place the nightmares have ceased to disarm us Man's evil has fled in disgrace

The tears of the fallen have dried now and the hopeless have regained their feet We no longer query the great how And no history must we repeat

There is no hellfire for the blameless for hate is a thing of the past And the final thing that would restrain us was finally destroyed at the last

So Imagine a world of no dying For all that was hated is dead And when the time came for our crying We all began laughing instead

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