Please stop saying that you have "a Facebook" or "a MySpace" or "a Paypal". You have accounts and profiles on those websites. "A Facebook" implies that there are a multitude of Facebooks. And there aren't. Just a multitude of people whose vocabularies haven't yet caught up with technology. There's an exception for websites that specifically invite this kind of phrasing. Like... uh... I can't think of any... Let's say ClownStable.com. If that's a website that lets you set up virtual stables to shelter virtual herds of thoroughbred clowns, then it makes sense to say "I have a clown stable." But otherwise, it's like when old people say "Are you kids still playing the Nintendoes?" or "What channel do I change the Internets to to watch the emails?"

A is for Anal

Being unable to completely fall, I push myself off every cliff I find. There is only one way to make it cease, and nothing can rush its occurence. Through the listless wandering, my idleness shines blindingly.


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