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I have always been responsible and turned my homework in on time, never forgot an appointment, never missed a bill, and never partied even once I turned 21. Now I am nearing 30 and I want to party every night and I don't care about getting a late charge (not that I have yet). I want to have all the the fun I was scared of. I don't want to read a book I want to talk to somebody. I want to get drunk and laugh. I do scary things like speed by more than five miles over the limit (am I going to get a speeding ticket?) Everyone around me is so stressed out and I am not for the first time and I want to have fun.

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It's been a while since I've had this kind of fun. When I first met this boy I thought he was an interesting tag-along to a previously planned adventure to the northside. Turns out he's very amusing, laughs at my stupid jokes, is perfectly willing to have fun, and makes me something akin to happy. I have missed this sort of fun, flirty sort of silly fun.

There's something about the girliness of it that makes me slightly ill to my stomach, but I'll get over that.

For now, I'm tired and have much to do yet.

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