Uh oh...

She accused me of only wanting what I can't have. Because I rejected her, ignored her, when she was desperately trying to get with me... and only now that she's taken, now am I interested, and hitting on her.

I hadn't thought of that, but she might be right. I only ever HAVE wanted people I couldn't have....

I don't want that to be true. I don't want to have some kind of freaky complex.

So it's really random I know but the word have fascinates me. It just has two different meanings that are so much alike but so different.

Ok so meaning # 1 this is like the word must. Like if you were to say "I have something to do" it means that you have to do it. Without a choice it must be done.

Meaning # 2 this is like no obligation type have. It's like if you were to say "I have some homewok to do." That does not necessarily mean that you are going to do it. It's just in your possession to do.

yeah random, right. it's sad that i've spent so many hours thinking about this, but so does my teacher. he thinks about it too.


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