I am building an SG for my friend. From parts. It is the only SG I will ever build, I don't really like them I guess. I think that if I'm gonna be using a double-humbucker guitar, it should be a Les Paul because they are classier. Or a Strat, maybe. But anyway, it is gonna be a crazy bastard hybrid of tons of different guitars. Strat controls, tele bridge, humbucker neck pickup (PAF), strat neck, alder body. Chrome (tele) hardware. On an SG body. Clear finish, maybe a tortoise pickguard if I can get it made. Probably a rosewood fretboard on a maple neck. I guess I'm pretty excited to make it. I think it's a pretty good fit for him, I'd like to see him with a Jazzmaster, but he doesn't like the way they look, so I guess no dice.


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