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I can't decide what kind of guitar to make. I have access to a woodworking shop now, I can pretty much make it whatever I want. But I can't decide if I want it to be a dreadnaught, Les Paul, Tele, whatever. Probably not a Strat or Jazzmaster. Mustang, maybe?

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Double-necked. With a cupholder attached to the body. And a cord attached to the whammy bar that you can wrap around your shoe so you can operate it hands-free. And a compartment behind the neck where you can fit a roman candle that fires off at the peak of a solo.

I've actually seen someone pull off that last one.

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I actually do want a ukulele. But I want to put violin strings on it. So then I'll have a cute little mandolin!

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I don't know why, but you put me near anyone I don't already severely dislike playing guitar well, with feeling and soul, and my brain just repeats "buh...guh..yummy." over and over and over.

I know a guy, we haven't talked in a while, who had the most incredible voice. Some part of his brain wouldn't let him fully believe it. He was incredibly shy. Whatever he sang (usually Nirvana or Sublime) He made it his own. It was a cover only in the technical sense of the word.

I miss him.

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I recently outfitted my guitar, converting it from acoustic to electric. It plays like god. I wish I could say I did it for me. But I'm not my number one anymore. My number one is a concept at this point. Ha. One day. One day.

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