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Is there really such a thing as thinking too much? If most of the population isn't interested there seems to be enough of it to go around.

Seems like a prickish idea to suggest that we let good thought spoil like that.

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here are things i think- ~i think that it is time we all stopped killing each other. isnt there a better way? arent we smart enough to find it? ~ i think we should all do one little thing to better ourselves or the world each day. today i picked up some wrappers that someone threw on the ground. yesterday i smiled at someone who looked sad. ~ i think that everyone wants to find love and that it can be incredibly difficult and incredibly wonderful when you do. ~ i think that sex is an amazing thing that brings two people closer together or at least releaves some stress. ~ but i think sometimes i like to cuddle more. ~ i think that warm, sleepy puppies are the cure to lonliness. ~ i think that a hug can change someones day from a good one to a great one. ~ i think that the sun shining and the fact that i am young and healthy is a wonderful thing and even though my personal life is a little strange, i have no reason to complain. ~ i think flowers are around simply because the world needs more joy. ~ i think that ice cream may be my favorite food today and i should go get some and share a little with my puppy who is sleeping next to the flowers a wonderful girl i amy never understand bought me.

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Given that everyone does this all the time, I thought that there would have been a thought on this by now... All the same ...

I like thinking, I like discovering, I love to share these thoughts with other people. I think that's great. To have a group "ponder" if you will. Some one mentions something and then we all think on it and life is quickly grand. I love it. It's always fun to sit around a camp fire or a sofa or a movie and popcorn and just think with someone you care for.

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