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Hmm..Do I really need this we form our answers following a "no question" without the no!.. wouldn't they have to become more constructive, the answers I mean. For example: do you want to die? I want to live! I want freedom!

Another example: Do you want to go to work today? (assuming the person doesn't want to) I need to go to work if I wanna keep moving. or I'm gonna do the best I can to make it a good day at work. I find that if I push myself to think before answering such questions I'm kinda forced to choose something more beneficial than the seemingly innocent but powerful negative response of no...

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Dreams are over. Wings have been clipped. Ripped from the spine thrown to the ground in a bloody quivering heap. Hearts stopped beating and there you are, still alive. Still moving animated and forced to face the world night after night. Fall. One small subtle trip, rolling gaining speed free falling and then crashing. In one beautiful breath, in the blink of an eye and you’re trapped grounded, bound and gagged. To hell with saviors and redemption. Goodnight innocence. Goodbye security and stability. Let the ground quake below me. Let the sky split above me. Swallow me whole. Hold me inside. Take the breath from my soul and leave me blind. Leave me there, bruised and bleeding. Shaking and lost. Leave me there and watch me recede into myself. Watch the world reform around me. The sky bending down close. Watch the dark become soft. Feel the light become violent. Taste the blood in the water and feel my bone in the soil. Take what I have made.Keep it as your own.

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