Anywhere is ... or so it seems. No matter where I am going, that is where I am, after all...

"Where are we going?" he asked me as we climbed into my vehicle.

I replied, "I don't know yet, hand me the directions...." He and I smiled at each other, "We're going to Greenwood, then madison, I suppose..."

He nodded and relaxed into his seat, he hadn't slept much since he'd been at my house, but neither had I...we'd been talking to much. Once we got to Greenwood, however, we were anywhere and everywhere but where we were supposed to be. Finally, we got ahold of the people we were picking up when we found the Greenwood park mall. "Where shall we park?" I asked him.

"Anywhere is fine," he replied. I nodded and continued to look for a space.

Finding one, I said, "I suppose that works." He nodded and smiled. After wasting time in our newly found "anywhere" we continued on the rest of our journey.


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