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A couple of days ago I lost a ring of mine. I completely freaked out. That ring means so much to me. I was about ready to cry when I realized it was gone. After about 5 minuets of hyperventilating and some serious searching I found it. I was beyond relieved. I don't consider myself a materialistic person but that ring has so much more meaning behind it.

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The word "found" implies that something was "lost" or that you, yourself, were "lost"... Then again, it could also imply that you've realized something that you've known for a long time but never really thought about it. Por ejemplo, I just had a piece of celery with peanut butter on it because I found myself hungry. Given that it is almost time to head over to eat lunch, such a realization is not unheard of. I lose my Student ID all the time it seems, but then, later on, I'll find it somewhere or someone will call me/e-mail me and say, "Hey, I found your ID....." It seems like when you lose things you 1/2 way expect to find them within the first few moments of the realization that it's been lost. Then, another part of you says, "You'll never find that... it's gone forever, lost...." Whichever one you believe more strongly is the more likely to occur. Oh well... I'm just hoping I've found my favorite snack....well, I suppose that's one of them at any rate.... YEY VEGGES!

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i dont know how things are going. i dont know what road to take or even what road im on. all thats going on seems to be going right! these are the friends i am suppose to have, this is where i am suppose to be. i guess all in all things are going great for the first time in almost a year. this is a great way to start the newyear! and i cant wait to see what lies down my path!

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