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I've been watching too much House MD lately; I actually had a dream about it last night. And it was like a combination of every one of those delicious moments of sexual tension in the series but I was right there in the middle of it!

...Aand then I woke up. Damnit, so close!

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I, too, have been watching too much House lately, except all it's done for me is make me panic that the small patch of irritated skin on my leg is really some horrible combination of rare diseases and/or genetic disorders and at some point soon I will have either a seizure or liver failure.

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I never really thought about livning in some place that wasn't a house. Then I lived in a dorm, I lived with people .... The house isn't what your HOME is, that house is simply a structure. I no longer see the need to even have a structure to live in. You just need to have a place and friends.. even if the place is a tree in the middle of the Redwoods. I would love to go for a long trip with my friends, disappear into nowhere, whether on these shores or others..... it doesn't matter. To go on a grand adventure would be most lovely!

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When I was small, I was convinced that I would live any kind of life but the normal kind. Supermodel, super spy, super scientist, rock star, vampire, super hero, fashion designer, something cool. Now I want a nice cozy house, financial security, and someone to keep warm, and to keep me warm.

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I had aspirations (though they were half-hearted ones...I was a precocious lil tyke) of being a writer. Then, I didn't want to marry or have kids... Now I want what you want, and a family. Of my own. After I get financially stable. After I get off my ass and "grab the bull by its balls"

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I'm the one The only one Built like an Amazon.

I'm a brick house With trick doors And thick floors So you can't hear who's in the cellar until the door shuts behind you.

I've got an attic haunted With the ghost of compassion Who used to be a resident Until rent got too high And his roomies had to do what good friends do.

He might come out some day When property values start falling And debtors stop calling. He'll move out of his apalling Hole in the wall

And move back into the old neighborhood

Where like new, he'll find his Longtime pasttime like the last time

When he was something close to welcome.

Like a mat.

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