For some reason people like to decorate their bathrooms according to various feminine or masculine aspects of the residences. For example, I have one of the nerdiest bathrooms ever.... covered as it is in astronomy and physics posters. But my mother's bathrooms are all full of frilly things. Toilet paper holders are made of lace, there are pictures of "homey" things on the walls, the occassional floral design. At the same time, public bathrooms are utterly bland with the occassional Activist Report or something depending on the gender of the rest room. Boys tend to have more humorous things on the doors and walls than the gals.

When I was little my mother told me "a secret." She told me that if I ever went to the bathroom in a public place to put toilet paper down on the seat or squat above the seat so as to not get diseases. "Who knows what people have," she'd say. But since that day, at the age of like ten, I've only put toilet paper on the seat a mere five or six times. And as for squatting over the seat, it's way too difficult. I'll take my chances.


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