chances are things that you dont find often. second ones even less likely than first ones. chances are things which are also highly sought out. its like...when youve done something you didnt mean, for instance insult a friend, and the first thing you ask for is another "chance". not a new friend, not time travel back into the past, but a chance.

however, the law of supply and demand even here applies. the more you want a chance, the less likely it is that youll get it. this is probably due to the fact that the worse youve done, the more you need a chance. but nevertheless, you probably wont get one unless you "pay" more-like if something is low in stock and high in demand, its probably worth more. you must prove even MORE to youre friend or whoever that you are worthy of another chance.

don't go looking for chances. dont do things you shouldnt because you know you'll get a chance. because you never know when it might be out of stock.

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I've never thought of chances in that way. I really like your take on the subject. Very profound

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