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A while back, I decided to do something that went against every negative thought I ever had about myself. And it feels wonderful. I posed for a series of pictures. In half of them I was nude. It was a wonderful set to pose in, and my photographer made me feel very comfortable. I am now in negotiations to do a light bondage shoot because I was contacted by a company after they viewed my online portfolio.

Now, I'm not your conventional model. I'm a full figured girl, and I've always had self image issues. But not today. Not for some time now. I look at these pictures now, posted on 3 well known websites by the photographer including , , and , and I feel free; liberated from what this society taught so hard to teach me.

I am beautiful. I just can't believe it took me so long to realize my potential.

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This is amazing! it's strange because i was just thinking about nude modeling (the kind where people dray you) when i was showering half an hour ago. :-)

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Right on, lady. I've been there, done that, and had fun. My shoot was with friends, and it was treated pretty irreverently, so I can look back on the pictures and think, "Man, I was having a lot of fun there."

Furthermore, I know a fair share of bondage models and photographers, and it seems to me like a community that will embrace you quickly once you put yourself out there. Just make sure you're always adequately compensated and treated well!

And re: the above post... Dray you? What's that?

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i meant "draw"...sorry, i was in a hurry since i had to run to class. ha, i looked up the definition for dray (basically to move something on a sled or cart) and that sounds like an awkward thing to happen if you're nudie. "No no no, don't pull me around the room in a little red wagon! this is supposed to be an art class!!"

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