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Oh god... when did I become the creepy senior?

No fair... why is there a sudden influx of cute boys?

And all younger than me...

And why are they still boys...


I need to get a boyfriend.

And I need to stop facebook stalking freshmeat... I mean freshmen.

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Well, as a freshman I will say that I have been facebook stalking this really cute senior, so it goes both ways. :)

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At least you're only Facebook stalking... :P How's yer shadow behaving lately? (I got your IM about the letter thing, btw, but you'd signed off by then.)

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i used to say age was just a number.

that was when i was thirteen years old and wishing my twenty year old boyfriend would call me.

...yeah. youth is obscene.

now i realize, there's a reason there's a number associated with age.

i wish someone had explained to me when i was younger that nothing was the matter with being a child.

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When I transfered schools I got shoved into the same group as the Freshmen, having to take all the introductary classes that my old school didn't require..., i'm quite a bit older than all my friends here. It makes me feel really old.

'cause they're not even out of their teens yet and i'm 22...

it was severely depressing turning 21 here, with nobody to drink with or go to bars...

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I am significantly younger than every person I consider a friend and hang out with on a regular basis. I'm also much much younger than all of the relatives I spend time with. I'm not trying to say "Hey, bitches, I'm mature!" If you are... older than your age (shush) that means you have more experience. More experience means more negative experiences.

I do honestly have a hard time tolerating people my own age. The last person my own age fucked me over thoroughly. It seems that they're loud and ignorant, spouting opinions they've heard elsewhere or pulled out of their rectums in an effort to seem informed and intelligent. UGH.

Your age and how many years you've been on this earth are not the same thing.

Interestingly enough, that neighbor who won't shut up, whores around instead of getting a job, and left OOZE on my COUCH is my age.

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The age that I am supposed to live to is 28. That means if all goes to plan I have 7 years of life left.......fuck.

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I want to be a child running naked through a sprinkler, giggling in glee as I notice the rainbow in the mist for the first time.

I want to be the girl in the backseat, fingers trembling as I tug at his zipper...drawing in a quick breath as his hand slides down my back, aided by July perspiration.

I want to be the lady who isn't afraid to get dirty, who never spares a kind word, who never stops learning.

I want to be an old woman sitting on the dilapidated porch of a tiny cabin...rocking away, smoking a pipe, wisdom shining from my wrinkled and far-away gaze.

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