i just ate like five cups of honey nut cheerios. i freaking love them. they remind me of being three in my stroller at the zoo with a little baggie and eating them one by one in tiny little squirrel bites.

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I used to eat Lucky Charms marshmallows by themselves and watch cartoons, and then eat the cereal on its own later on.

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i haven't had lucky charms in years! i used to eat all the grain pieces out of the milk and save all the marshmallows. then i would unceremoniously stuff all the marshmallows into my mouth all at once. i love sugar.

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me too! i used to take hours fishing out all the cereal bits just to be left with a little clump of mushy marshmallows at the side of my bowl. i don't think it was the marshmallows... i think it was the experience of a mouthful of pure, mooshy, colorful sugar. that and the fact that my mom HATED it.

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