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Honey I love you more than you know Or just maybe more than you can see One day I stray from these heavy chains of gray My love will be finally free And maybe just then you'll know what you had And what could have become of life I'm not sure how much longer I can take the silence the worrying, grief and strife I've fought all these years for better than that and its not my time to back down now It'll be long before the curtains close on this stage and I take my final bow.

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Honey on the tongue- Sweet, thick and cloying... Smoke in the lungs- Bitter, dense, and stifiling

Oh damnit. I'll finish later.

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Honey is an amazing additive to tea.... I rather dislike putting sugar or sugar substitute in my tea, it just doesn't taste very good comparatively.

If you put a spoonful of honey in your tea, you find yourself enjoying it much more than a spoon full of pure sugar. Peppermint tea is my favorite and it's wonderful with honey....

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During the summers of my elementary school years I remember our neighborhood being a warzone. There were large numbers of kids relatively the same age give or take 2 years.

Our neighborhood had a type of bully-patrol that consisted of a band of older kids that had younger kids playing parts of minions in order to gain acceptance. The minions could be convinced to do anything by telling them it would make them cool or that they would be accepted into some sort of secret club. This usually meant the minions had to do bitch work like filling up water balloons and etc.

Anyway, the bully patrol traveled on foot with a wagon (pulled by minions) full of water balloons and super-soakers. These were the staple weapons of the times but our warfare soon evolved. The next things to be introduced were Honey-balloons and liquid ivy.

Honey Balloons were simple to construct. They were water balloons only with the addition of honey into the mixture. Victims of such attacks would become sticky and miserable. It also did damage to the leather interiors of convertibles as we would soon find out.

"Chris the piss" and "Nick the Dick" were the names of bullies in those days. They had been hunting us all afternoon looking for the proper moment to strike and make us miserably sticky. When they struck their aim was off and they managed to hit the car of my Aunt. The balloon spilled its contents all over the car's interior. What a mess. She was furious.

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