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Why is it that I'm EXPECTED to travel hundreds of miles, just to do it?

Why is this the only way that I can come across new experiences?

I know you are trying to push me toward some goal of broadening my horizons, but all you are doing is pushing me away.

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The point at which you have gained something from a situation I call experience.

Like that time that I was pushed up against my friends car in my high school parking lot and my boyfriend shoved his tongue in my mouth and had to tell me good bye for the day. Ever since then I've learned that being shoved up against the car isn't as bad as I may have thought it to be.

Likewise, when we all learn not to mix our lights and our darks when drinking...always a lovely experience.

Experiences teach us useful survival techniques.

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You are one that I can say I've experienced. I was hungry for you but somehow you didn't taste quite like the taste I craved. I nearly died that night. what an experience. I nearly died that night. But your touch seemed to make everything all right. I've experienced you. And I still have that horrible taste of you in my mouth.

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Sometimes plainess can be a new perspective on things. Weathered and Scarred things can have weakness.

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