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I worry that I'm not going to get enough hours this summer in my job. So far I've made about half of what I need to make to pay off my summer tuition. This means that I'm SHOULD be approximately 3 checks away from paying my mom back for the $3 070 that my summer tuition cost after my scholarships already covered a little over half of it. But in the end there is a slight difference between my projected income for the summer and the actual amount of money I'm getting.

If I could get more hours, that would be incredibly helpful. Beyond the imminent issue of tuition, it would also mean that come July when I order my books, I'll be able to buy them and start saving money back for food come school time. During this school year I'll be an RA for two freshmen floors. That's a lot of kids, I must say. The prospect both excites and frightens me. I have been an RA in the past and I know what is expected of me and I'm excited to serve again. I'm a good RA, but at the same time I'm sort of lenient on issues that I think are unimportant in the long run. This whole adventure is saving me a little under $10 000 for the academic year.

I dunno... I suppose I'll see what happens. I've already spoken with my boss and she told me she'd try to find me more hours... but money still makes me nervous.

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