I love to eat. The simple pleasure of a nice home-cooked meal, or a fancy gourmet restaurant's finest offerings, or even just a bowl of fruit and fibre with cold milk in the morning - I love it. And I am appaently blessed by the ability to eat whatever I like, however much I like, and never lose my slim figure.

So why is it I'm skipping meals now? I ate breakfast every morning til the cereal ran out and I never bothered to buy more, but even with pizza right there in the freezer, with a 24-hour tescos just a five-minute amble away, why do I skip dinner? I am pretty sure I'm hungry; I do a terribly good job of completely suppressing feeings of hunger when I'm working but triggers like the smell or mention of food will remind my stomach it's time to eat.

The food's right there, I'm hungry and it's not totally too late to cook and eat before bed. But I'm not eating. I'm... not really sure why.


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