Nature nourishes the mind
And sparks an inspiration
Enabling one to hold
That needed motivation

City: quick paced recklessness
Freedom for the self-worthy
Loneliness haunts the inadequate

And the birds are dying
The flowers are wilting
All the little creatures are screaming
for mercy

Another skyscraper along with more trash:
Another distraction of our lovely sky.

Coughing up smoke stained mucus
Noticing a bare, out of place tree
Branches drooping
Cowardly covers nature’s bark inscribed with
society’s call letters

It seems that all beauty will end
A struggle to mend to a world all bent
The forests and fields and skies
with all of its most treasured goods
shall be buried and layered with
concrete and steel and rock
with all of its most fucked architects


  • Luna Kay
  • Wocket

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