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why, and how? and wherefore, thou? the knots betwixt, this humble brow - prithee, detain - a selfish vow that tricks, and vexes, and not just now but in all the years that have seen mens' tears, three words have divided us, and how - draw close your notions, and banish fear - true, darkness lurks, just not in here - the morning comes, life promising more, i've lingered too long, so hear this, love - you ask what i've found worth living for; tis beauty, (i beheld life.) tis beauty, (i beheld the earth and the sun.) tis beauty. (i beheld you.)

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i love it when puppies and kittens are so ugly they are beautiful.

i hope someone thinks of the ugly, wrinkly puppies when they look at me.

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Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, I had my breath taken away by the sight of a lit up steel mill at night, my mum then proceeded to piss and moan about how it was a blight on the land.

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Often percieved as a value, in and of itself, beauty is nothing more than luck. The haphazard turning on and off of genes to produce a pleasing sight. Science has told us (through hours of pointless, grant-funded research), that beauty is basicly symmetry. Faces that are more symmetrical are considered more attractive. Even babies in a pre-verbal stage respond to this symmetry.

Other than that, it's not really that beauty, in and of itself, is considered a desireable value, it's that it implies so much more in the mind. Humor, politeness, "being a good person." None of these are inherant in the beauty trait. However, we assume that just because someone has a nice face to look at, that they also posess other positive traits which are desireable.

Basicly, beauty is a scam. There are so many forms of it and so many other things that are more desireable than just a beautiful face or body, that the fact we even care about attractiveness is bullshit.

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there is beauty in the dissonance.

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