mura bfhuil mé go hálainn, 'sé mar ceapann fear é

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is mian liom thú a tuiscint freisin, fear dubh...

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She's filled with the spirit of the Ether and is speaking in tongues!

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Nothing like the sight of a dead language to get you lot excited, is there?

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Ceapann...cad is ainm dó i mBearla?

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wow, that was unexpected.

san ether, #394170 is ainm dom. is éirinneach mé, cé hé duitse in aon chor? ceapaim nach bhfuil aon duine ar an ether ach mé féin ina chónaí san eoraip.

eurgh, nílim ábalta smaoineamh i ngaeilge inniú, tá an-méirg orm...

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