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S is for Smex

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S is the easiest letter to work with in Scrabble.

"FUCK. I can't make a word out of these letters... Well, I'll just stick S at the end of something."

I hate you S. You should be outlawed. Pluralizing things all willy-nilly with no concern for decent singularity. Why can't you be like one of the good letters, like B or D or M? They never cause any trouble.

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let me seduce you. let me give in one last time, and just pretend we're ok. slowly shaking in anticipation, I want to let go with you again. desire me wholly. just let go. remember those nights that lasted till the next afternoon? just let go. let me back in just for tonight. I want to touch your heart again, to know that something is real. I still yearn for you every now and again... when i dress and remember how you used to watch me every time I did like you had never seen me naked before. when I fall asleep in the grass at mid-day and know that it would have been with you. when I lose my mind and know that you still care to help me reassemble after all I've done. I said I didn't want to need you to make me whole. But just for tonight.... let me back in. Just let go, and love me again.

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