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For some reason the idea of language has been on my mind lately. More specifically, the difference in linguistic patters between peoples of the same general language. For example, the obvious language : English. There's English English Australian English, and American English as the over all categories. Even within the US there are different dialects of English. For example : while speaking with a friend of mine from the northern part of the united states, I heard the term "tea bagging" in a way I'd never heard it before. Apparently where she is from, a male (or female it would seem) person takes their genitals and places them upon the face of an unsuspecting person. Where I'm from it just means we thwap you in the balls.

Then there's the English that Anthony Burgess uses in A Clockwork Orange. Granted the man did a real horrorshow job at bringing in russian words in English spelling, thus confusing the hell out of some people, but the book isn't really in English because of it. It's in English and some odd English spellings of Russian words. For example : malenky means small in russian and Burgess frequently refers to the "malenky grins" and "a malenky bit [of time]." I haven't had any problems understanding what he's communicating with the language but I've spoken with many people who were very confused.

I remember in my philosophy class we spent the whole semester discussing the "language in which the idea has been presented in the framework of the initial spark."

I have a really hard time communicating things to people, for me, language is an issue. That may be why I think about it so much

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