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1. Thank you for creating this website. I appreciate websites like this where I know I'm not alone, I can voice out any thoughts or doubts I have about literally anything without hesitation.
2. WHY THE FUCK, is it when I write out one thought, I go on a binge writing out like 5 more thoughts? It's both satisfying and addicting and I'm horrified and proud at the same time.

PS. I just wanted to put PS.

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Does anyone else miss the gray background in the entry field for thoughts? It's such a small thing, but I miss it.

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Ether doesn't like accented characters in thoughtword names :p 'Djv' was supposed to be 'déjàvú!' Possibly instead of stripping accented characters they could be replaced with their non-accented counterparts instead?


Or maybe you can quit using your fancy words with gaudy accent marks that make me have to do my job better.

Yeah, I'll probably get on that sometime soon. I've got this dumb zombie game that's been taking up my free time lately, though, so that might be pushed back a bit.

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someone tell me the background is slowly changing colour and I'm not going crazy... please?


Read the 'Latest News' on the front page.

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gosh, it'd been so long since that last updated I'd gotten used to ignoring it. thank you for the reassurance!

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I wish there was a way to change my color.

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I don't know what the deal is, but the thoughtcloud isn't clickable in IE at 1280 X 800. I know, I know, Firefox, it's not my computer.

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I like the mini-thoughtcloud above the usual lists, it looks nice. Good job!

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So I had this dream that Ether became this really mainstream forum post thing. It was something akin to or facebook. It was terrifying. As soon as I woke up I had to check the site to make sure it hadn't changed. Please, tell me that Ether will not become another facebook.


Breaking news! Ether has been purchased by AOL / Time Warner and will be dismantled and turned into a Facebook application!

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When my best friend was explaining Ether to me I immediately burst out with:


She laughed.

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Doesn't Ether regenerate MP instead of HP? It does in all the Final Fantasy games I've played, anyway...

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All I know is I've been playing Ether for awhile now and I haven't leveled up worth a crap.

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Ok I really like being able to see the comments for each thought word now, but I feel like the new thoughts page is way too hectic. It may just be me, but it's hard to tell which are comments and which are thoughts.

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Thoughts are bolded, but I agree, it'd be better with like a dropdown or something to see who's commented.

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i in love the new ether. i predict that new thoughts will rise 12%, comments will rise 19%, and ether will consume our souls 35% a good way, of course.

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this thing is addictive. I come back every day to see what new thoughts have been posted, it's like a window into people's hidden selves. it's wonderful, but I wish I could stop reading.

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I was like part of this community a year ago. I guess it's cool that I recognize everyone about as much as I did back then? I remember there was someone I had a huge ether-crush on. I don't remember her color anymore. I think it was a red or pink. Maybe like a maroon. I dunno. I got the urge to post today. I have a few more words to do.

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Oh man, I meant to post that as my own separate though... oh well, it's here now.

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Danke, beings of ether, for the update. I realize now some of this stuff has been around for a minute, and I'm just oblivious.

View Thinker #9ce831's profile thought 15 years, 5 months ago...

I love the alphabetical option! YEY!

View Thinker #418656's profile thought 15 years, 6 months ago...


Ether, you make me happy.

View Thinker #1f6774's profile thought 15 years, 6 months ago...

Man, reading the ether is really depressing me lately. I can't handle the negativity.

I'd say you all depress me, but then I realize that whenever I have a rant or emo-y thought I need to vent, I vent it here because it's the most anonymous place I have to vent such things online. I have no where else to post those kinds of thoughts I don't want to offend or worry my friends with. everyone else the same way?

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Comments are messed up again.

Edit Damnit, WTF. I didn't do that.

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Looks like it. I saw another blank post by the same greenish color, but I'm too tired to look for it.

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Why is it that I feel more connected and close to people here than people that I've known for years? I have know idea who they are, what their name is, or what they look like, all I have is a tiny square of color to recognize them. Yet, it's enough. Here, it's enough to know someone without knowing who they are.

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Because, in my case at least, reading all of my posts would mean you know more about me than any person I've known.

View Thinker #9ce831's profile

I agree... People open up to me really well anyway, but there's always something that keeps ME from feeling connected to them until I can show them who I am...that doesn't really happen very often. So, I feel more connected here too

View Thinker #8ed16d's profile

word! I feel that i can really open up and just rant, and people may or may not care to read what I have to say, but it's written down and I don't feel so alone in it! This is a great site! I've been telling everyone I know to post here!

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When ever I post a coment it tends to double post....

View Thinker #1f6774's profile thought 15 years, 10 months ago...

Again, I would like something other than the dropbox so I have some visual way of telling me how many entries I have not yet read.

Also, it'd be nice if ether messaged me if someone commented on one of my thoughts so I don't have to check back now and then to see if anyone had.

View Thinker #4d689f's profile

I agree on both points, but I think Phantom is still in Romania so there won't be nowt done til he's back.

View Thinker #9ce831's profile

I agree as well, and Phantom is still in Romania and will be back this week-ish

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Another idea for the ether - the ability to change your color.

Because we are chameleons in the real world, able to change how we portray ourselves in clothing and mannerisms. We can do so in text sure, but... at the moment can't change our color to reflect the different person we've now chosen to portray as we've changed. fascinates me. i find myself transfixed by it, similarly to a little kid to a dictionary. some of the first entries i read were 'virginity,' 'sex,' and 'panties.' i can't help remembering when i learned to use a dictionary in third grade, and then my astonishment in finding that "dirty words" were in there.

and i also read 'goodbye,' 'tofu,' and 'fire' and enjoyed them very much.

whatever happened to new thoughts being red on the main page's list o' words?

I like having that visual confirmation of which thoughts I haven't read yet vs which I have.

View Thinker #4d689f's profile

I agree, I totally missed the little dropbox for the first couple of days so I thought nothing was being posted.

View Thinker #277dd3's profile

Seconded. Or thirded, as the case may be. I'm still not entirely sure how that's used.

View Thinker #1f6774's profile

Yeah I totally did that too, lol.

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View Thinker #277dd3's profile thought 16 years, 1 week ago...

I started here a week ago. I feel like so much has happened since then, too. Some of it bad, most of it good. I need a place to bitch, most days. And I need a place to read everyone else's bitchings, too. Ether supplies this. I feel necessary here, and it feels good.

View Thinker #77406d's profile thought 16 years, 1 week ago...

Ether has been running really slow for me since the (very aesthetically pleasing) remodel of the site. Anyone else?

View Thinker #806aa4's profile thought 16 years, 1 week ago...

thanks, ether.

reading other people's thoughts had made me less depressed so i think i will be able to go to work here in a couple of minutes and not feel like i'm about to break down and cry.

thanks to all the thinkers.

oh and: Warning: Missing argument 2 for sort() in /home/themunci/public_html/ether/include/core.php on line 870

appeared at the top of my ether just now. i am an error whore. you do know it ate the list of thoughtwords everyone has thunk right?

it keeps telling me that i have one new thought and no words are showing new. i am about to go fucking nuts.

View Thinker #ff0066's profile thought 16 years, 1 month ago...

Ether gives me a place to record all the ramdom thoughts that just pop into my head. It gives me a way to be creative. I am constantly coming up with a sentence or two that I think would be great to put into a book one day. And the things other people say really inspire me to think of more.

View Thinker #1f6774's profile thought 16 years, 1 month ago...

I've been using ether at times to help me invent a new story in my head that I may someday write as a novel or screenplay.

Sometimes it's a storage place for my own thoughts, to add them into the story later.

In some cases, your thoughts have inspired me. If you have such an entry, i'll let you know and ask before I borrow it. So far, it's only two of you, so don't worry - it's probably not you.

View Thinker #5f1f0a's profile thought 16 years, 1 month ago...

I have never loved a site as much as ether. I only discovered it 3 days ago but I feel so connected here. Reading thoughts of other people making my own theroies. Posting them. It's all so amazing. It's wonderful to be able to post the things that I have always thought but was too afraid to comment on. It has truly helped me out. I can never thank the person enough for forcing me on this site (you know who you are).

View Thinker #ff3399's profile thought 16 years, 1 month ago...

the more i read, the more i realize we're all so isolated, and all so connected. so many people i want to reach out and hug. so many people i want to reach out and shake.

i wish i'd picked a more unique color.

View Thinker #f5253f's profile thought 16 years, 1 month ago...

I adore ether.

I feel like I can actually post my thoughts and people will understand.

My only suggestion is: Can creating a thought word be more clear? I had trouble figuring it out. Maybe a section in the FAQ that says how to post a new thoughtword?

View Thinker #418656's profile thought 16 years, 1 month ago...

I am glad for the existance of this ether even if the scientific ether didn't end up working out for scientists in the early 20th century.

The ether has given me a useful outlet for my random thoughts. It has given the ability to speak to those who may be otherwise uncomfortable to share their words.

It is a glorious feeling to release the inhibitions that vocalization can often cause. However, whilst isolated at the computer screen, one may be more willing to allow those thoughts to escape.

View Thinker #d31b77's profile thought 16 years, 2 months ago...

It's interesting how many bright colors there are, but the irony is..the thoughts are dark. We are who we want to be, not who we are.

View Thinker #77406d's profile thought 16 years, 2 months ago...

Ether has been a great help to me, I discovered it the day I quit abusing substances. The day I walked with shaking legs to the front of the methadone clinic, and opened the main door with shaking arms and weak hands, and walked inside. I approached the first counselor-looking person I saw, in a mouse-quiet, shot-in-the-knees shaky voice, laced with desperation and hope that had nearly burnt out, and admitted something I'd never said aloud before; "I am an addict. I need help." I've said things here I can't say anywhere else. Some of the things I've released into the Ether were pure secrets before, some are just things that i've never told anyone because I know no one who would understand WTF I'm talking about. Others are things I've dreamed, thought, or experienced and had to record.

View Thinker #359805's profile thought 16 years, 4 months ago...


View Thinker #6b1237's profile thought 16 years, 4 months ago...

The motorboat wouldn't start, no matter how many times my uncles tried. Eventually they sprayed some sort of starter aid on it, and, after several sprays and attempts, it splashed into action. "Hop in," they said, "and try not to breathe too deeply. The stuff we used to start the boat was ether based."

As we cruised down the channel, I stared at the stars and the tiny glimpses of the Northern Lights that wiggled here and there in the Michigan sky. Then it all started spinning and pulsing in time with the waves hitting the front of the boat.

I asked why the stars were so bright, and why they kept spiralling gradually nearer to me.

One of my uncles chuckled. "That's just the ether," he explained.

I find myself afraid to use Ether sometimes, uncertain of what I might say with the veil of anonymity in place. I've been more honest here, in the Ether, than I have been anywhere else in my life because it doesn't laugh, cry, or pity like a person might. Its neutrality makes it one of the most useful tools in my life, and I'm terrified of it because of that.

View Thinker #000000's profile thought 16 years, 4 months ago...

I value Ether because it lets me immortalize (if such a thing is possible) my thoughts and more easily reflect on them later. I used to do this with notes and journals, but you have to admit the convenience of the internet.

I'd like for my thoughts to have more of a life than just ephemeral electrical signals between my ears. I'd like for them to live on, independently of me, to outlive me and interact with other thoughts from other minds of origin.

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