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Apparently you, as a whole, your essence, your soul, waxes and wanes as well. Or, as your younger brother put it, "It's like he has PMS all the time. I don't know if I can deal with someone as consistently inconsistent as me. I don't know why I'm complaining. You are the most alike me person I've ever encountered. We're both sexual creatures to a degree that many people don't seem able to fully comprehend. We both cling to the past because of the beauty we see in it. We're both so totally... eh... about money. We both have poetic souls. Tethered to alcoholic, substance abusing bodies. We neglect these sacks of flesh and bone and ooey gooey liquids in favor of what's happening in our minds. We're both, in a strange way, pictures of moderation because we bounce from end to end of any spectrum anyone could think of. We throw ourselves entirely into whatever, and we are just as done with it when we're done. I wonder if the strong degree that I care for and love you is narcissistic. I don't care. I still love you. I have for a while now.

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And you wax and wane through my life, fully here, partially here, gone, fully available, partially available, We weave a strange pattern of desire and restraint. Lust and chastity. Devotion and abandonment. But always love.

I know I won't move towards you. You're like some of the others, trying to possess you the way I want to would be like trying to catch the light from a stained glass window in a jar.

That never stopped me before though. And you have... you have beauty in your soul. You have my love of language and turn of phrase. You're intelligent without pretention, without the giant inflated ego most of them used to keep themselves afloat. It kept them afloat, but it also kept me from getting close.

I want you so bad.

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A small body in orbit about a planet. The natural satellite of the Earth. In Western astrology The Moon is said to represent the feeling of nature in the individual. It is used to characterize the inner child within us, as well as the past and how we have been as individuals rather than how we are now. It is also used to represent the perception one has of one's mother. The earth's relatively little satellite is but a partial representative of the aggregate of occult influences or powers, of polar character, known among the ancients combined as Lunus-Luna, and its effect upon the earth includes much that is baneful as well as much that has been necessary in evolutionary development; but the moon is only a withered, decaying unit of a whole lunar planetary chain. Strangeā€¦.no one else had anything to say about it.

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