So I was in a forum and someone posted a thread asking who would be in the ultimate band, limited to five elements. This is mine:

Vocals/rhythm guitar/keys: Laura Imbruglia. Lead guitar: John 5. Drums: John Bonham. Bass: John Paul Jones. Plus: The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

I gave this like a good deal of thought, too. And only one of them's dead! AND, both guitarists play Telecasters!

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Oh what a cool challenge. My strategy was essentially to pick some of the most genious and cutting edge (for thir time anyhow) musicians I could think of, whose music I actually liked and listened to. This group may suffer from having too many talented songwriter/composers. And quite frankly I think it has the possibility for everyone in the group to kill each other.

That being said if this group could get something together (including but not limited to certain band members coming back to life) and agree on a few songs to support as a group I would love to hear them.

Vocals: Bjork Guitar: Jimi Hendrix Synth/Keyboards/programming: Trent Reznor Bass: Brian Wilson Drums: John Bohnam

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