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A conversation with an ex over coffee.

I dump too much sugar and creamer in my plain ol' coffee. "What do you mean, I'm cool? I've never considered myself very cool." He stirs his something or other, his mocha coca latte da-da. "How can you even say that?" "Well, I didn't choke on the words, or anything. It was pretty easy to-" He grins. "You know what I mean." "I've just never considered myself cool, is all. I am a gigantic nerd, and I'm very aware." "You are a nerd, I'll grant you that. But you're still cool." Seeing the look on my face, he quickly starts listing things. "You OD and instead of giving up and ODing right this time, you're trying to turn your life around. But you mess up. And you're like a textbook case of how to ruin a human life in a cool manner. It's ridiculous." "Nearly killing myself before I decide to go clean isn't cool, it's idiotic." "Cool and idiotic go hand in hand. Look at you, in your cutsey sweatpants and sweater with those damn huge horizontal stripes, and your big skater shoes. You're so cool." "You're wearing Tripp pants, you know." Parry and thrust. "Yeah, and who do you think got me into Tripp pants and Lip Service ten years ago? Shit, everything I am is just based off of what you were in high school." This is undeniable, I don't even try to convince him otherwise. "I just don't..." I try one last time. "I just don't think I'm cool, that's all." He grins again, pleased I left his coup de grace open. "That's the coolest thing about you."

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Have you ever known a person who you want to be like, just because they are so damn cool?

I mean, they don't have to be particularly good looking, but something about them is just so interesting, that they are irresistible?

I can think of a few people in my life that are like that.

They are just so magnetic.

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