I rather enjoy the fact that there exists something such as stumble to help the inevitable boredom that will descend upon me as I sit around my room....

I clicked 'stumble' in my tool bar and I happened upon a page that had two questions on it:

The first was: "Did you bring joy?"

The second was: "Did you find it?"

How odd that these should be so fundamental to me. I try very hard in my everyday endeavors to spread light to the life of at least one person. I'm not talking in a spiritual, religious sort of sense, I'm talking about emotionally. I try very hard to make those around me more comfortable with themselves after and during the time in which I come to know them.

I like hearing people say things like "***** , you were there for me when I needed you." or "Thanks for being there" or "you make me happy." That really lights up my day as well...

So in some ways and on some days I bring joy and I find it.


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