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From the blood-caked, disorienting wastelands that writhe in the shadows beyond the city walls built with the brick of predictability and the mortar of stagnation, we issue an invitation and set a place for you at our forbidden table. There is always a place for you out here in the unending terror of the real world, and there is always a new, better you, waiting to burst out of the stiff, brittle skin that so uselessly restrains you now.

Stare down death. See your body rended apart. Embrace the infinite expanse of the uncaring universe. Lose all justifications for taking the easy way out of anything. Expose your insides to the world. Use fear as a weapon against itself.

The only thing to lose is weakness. The only thing that will die is the parts of yourself that never did you any good anyway. The only opportunity is now.

That flash. The one that comes as the trigger is pulled and the bullet is leaving the barrel. The one that you're never sure if you see before the bullet hits or if you only think you do. The one at the edge of what your brain can perceive. At the edge of the end.

You can live in that flash.

Come take a seat at our table to see.

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