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Life is irritating
If one keeps contemplating

Laughing heard barely
Caring more fluently

Flowing love that just keeps going
No dam to certain its towing

In life you plant as much fun as you can
By fertilizing the educational seed
Dropped from stressed others so that
I can help them as I grow myself
Is where I stand

Life is irritating
If one keeps sinking

Acting sometimes carelessly
Making moves unfairly

Ripping pain that stays unexpressed moanings
Verbality that just comes close to showing

In contest you become bright, but all is dark
All is in need of some light from others, and
From I, my experience, and my care, my
Rays will emit
And make their mark

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The first time I tried fresh mango it was like trying a drug. It was synesthesia, like it didn't taste exotic so much as I was tasting "exotic". It was almost overwhelming.

The closest thing to it I've experienced is when my wife and I used to roll in the dark and take pictures of each others' eyeballs because we were too high to fuck.

You brain just lights up.

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Why is reading with the light off such a big fucking deal? The ultimate sin in my family. "I don't care if you kill drifters, just don't read in the fucking dark!"

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I know how you feel. My mom is so weird about me not liking light. The other night I walked into the house without turning on any lights and she was all "you really don't like light do you?" Well first of all no, and second why is that such a big deal?

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Artificial light equals good sunlight equals pain for me…literally. I too read in the dark and for some unknown reason people really disapprove of this. I don’t know what the big deal is either. They’re my eyes I’m ruining leave me the hell alone. It seems to really rub the people I work with the wrong way. Don’t know why at least I’m reading and not causing chaos somewhere.

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artificial light bugs me...ugly unnatural brightness....waste of energy no what is really annoying, people who turn on lights during the day. i mean, if your in the basement, thats all good, but seriously, are you blind?

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Light is a funny thing. Nothing can ever be half-lit. It is either dark or light. Sure, you can have something only dimly lit, but it is still light nonetheless.

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