love is your perfect weapon murderer of the greatest kind cut off my air so I only breathe you.

I walk these halls, breathing shallow, giving you every breath I take.

All for you, it's all for you. And you, my dear, can't get enough. You take the breath that I breathe for you, making it your own...

My breath Your breath Each breath

Getting farther apart.

You take it from me, and I give willingly? More and more until you want it all.

The plastic covers my face. All for you, for love of you You love me. I love you. Anything for you.

Wrap your love tighter around my throat Desperately gasping for air, Death can't come too soon.

Suffocate me, at least then I can't breathe you in.

Each gasp brings on the dark All consuming For what? All for--



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