Struggling to keep your world just like you want. It’s your own fight for self comfort even if you have to degrade others. It’s a plastic coated world. Plastic of the color blue and pink. Mellow and happy. Your son wants his mom and dad to understand his pain, but it’s not what they want. Erase the pain and exploit the happiness.

Trying to be casual on what’s burning inside, not to scare his parents on what he cannot hide.
Hopefully to be shot with a thoughtful response, but all he ends up with is a whisper of smoke from the barrel of distrust.
The argument starts and it’s care versus scare
Coming to the conclusion that there ain’t nothing good that they can share.
It’s all over and I feel worse. I tried once again and more disrespect gets reimbursed.

My brother, he’s too young to understand to know what’s being taken from his hand. He’s either end up like me or just like one of them.


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