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I have a predisposition for being a morbid person. Life has a way of bringing out the dark humor and cynicism… But my heart holds a depth of light when it comes to human kindness. Simple acts of kindness- I look for them, everywhere. When someone holds a door. When someone smiles. When someone helps a stranger pick up something they have dropped. When a stranger buys another stranger coffee. When a friend wipes the tears from another friends eyes. When someone displays empathy, even if it’s just crying over a movie characters pain. These things that may be easy to overlook are the things that give me life. I rarely discuss my acts of human kindness, but I try my best to give them often . I hold doors, I buy coffee, I try to give backpacks of necessities and food/money to the people holding signs for help when I can. I’ve given $100 impulsively to someone homeless because I didn’t have anything less, I’ve given a lot of things for friends in need. I give intimacy in the form of hugs, cradling, holding hands, and drying tears when I am welcome to. I hold my umbrella over others, I always clean up the table for the waitresses. I just try my best to be kind… Even if I sometimes fall short. This world sucks in a lot of ways and on a systematic level I think it’s really hard for any of us to make much change- which is disheartening, but we can try on an individual level to change a moment for another person. I can’t fix everyone’s problems, but maybe I can give them hope that this existence isn’t just a shit-show. I know, at least for me, seeing or being the recipient of human kindness is what gives me light in my cynical little heart. Even today, I received multiple acts of human kindness and I feel light. Does it give you light too? I really hope it does… And I hope you give it often. Grow flower where you walk, you kind human being.

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