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i keep trying to redefine perfect but every time my thoughts return to you

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The only thing in this world that I would call almost perfect would be that moment that you first wake up, and you're wrapped in the arms of someone that you know cares for you and you know you care for too. It's this tranquil sort of happiness. I absolutely love it. It's simply wonderful, almost perfect, and something to help me get through my days.

Sometimes life is shit, and the only thing that keeps you going are those wonderful moments. It doesn't bother you that he snores or grinds his teeth when he's asleep. It may worry you because you know he's not breathing properly and that his teeth may suffer, so you do something subtle to bring him a little higher on the chain of consciousness without completely waking him up. Poor kid.

Watching him sleep now makes me wonder if he's dreaming or if he's simply lost in the wonders of sleep where his mind may wander far. Most of me just wonders how much he cares for me. I care an awful lot for him. Don't know why, but somehow I took a fancy to the boy. Some would say that means his luck has run out, others would say he's lucky. I don't know which stance I take on that one. But there is something about him that I can't get enough of!....I don't know.

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It was one of my life goals to fall asleep with a girl I love in my arms and to wake up with her still there. It may seem silly at first, but I move around A LOT in my sleep so I figure it's a pretty good guess I wouldn't wake up in remotely the same position. However, this life goal did come true for me all the same.

Unfortunately, that was the last time that relationship ever worked out for me. All downhill from that night.

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