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It's strange and terrifying to be doing better, instead of worse, and to have no self-defeating plans in place. I usually go ahead and fuck up, so I can get back to doing terrible. Which I'm good at.

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I'm not quite sure what's wrong with me at the moment.

There's an event going on in the Student's Union tomorrow, a 'gaming extravaganza' to raise money for the Childs Play charity - a charity which holds a very dear place in mine and my boyfriend's hearts, but anyway - and I'm trying to decide what to wear. Currently I'm thinking a jersey print dress, tights, those killer boots I bought the other day and my blazer/top that just dresses every outfit up in a casual, grown-up sort of way. Nothing too dressed up obviously - this is a student thing after all - but enough to show up the eternally sloppily-dressed bitch who's running the thing.

I know I have this mad hate-on for her and I know every guy around is sick of hearing about it(the girls all agree and join me for a good bitching now and then) but for some crazy reason it is very important to me to be able to show that I am better than her in every way.

I am more talented than her, I am more accomplished than her, I am more mature than her, I am sexier and slimmer than her, I dress better than her and most of all I am happier than that miserable bitch that just sits around moaning about life being SO HARD.

Every time I start feeling down I remind myself of this. And you know what? It works.

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I totally know where you're coming from! Like, I know I'm better than my him, and my friends know I'm better than him, but I still feel the urge to prove it.

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Update: I decided against the dress and just wore jeans and the jacket/blazer with some heels. I looked good! She was wearing some ill-fitting fat girl trousers and a v-neck top with old-lady pumps.

I feel much better about myself.

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Rock on. I'm sure you were hawt as hail.

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