Everything seems new when you move into a new place. Even the things you've had for an extended period of time seem so new. The people are new here. The furniture is new. My years-old pillows and blankets are new. And yet. It's the same old story every time. I move some place new and I begin to explore it. I spend hours and hours walking around looking at houses, structures, parks, looking in buildings if I can get into them, and then walking back. I have every idea of where I am. I know precisely where I'm going. Oh wait, no I don't, I've never been here before but I can make my way back. That's the beauty of it. A lot of my friends are like this too. Then, again, now that I think about it, it's really just the girls. They boys like to explore but they seem to lack the sense of directions. I love moving to new places but this year ALL of my friends moved away so it's just such a great stretch to visit everyone. It'll be hard, this new lifestyle.


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