I'm growing to hate the feeling of my loaded gun and the rushing heartbeat I get at every little sound. Waiting for the trouble that always seems to be around the corner has become so tiring.

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I'm waiting for my friend to get back to me about a concert in Norfolk. That is four hours from my house but she is on the way and I do really want to go for a few reasons, the most important of which is that Lemuria's playing. But I also am not sure I want to go all the way to Norfolk. I am gripped by a familiar ghost and I don't know why I'm letting it touch me.

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Uh, the last bit is kinda out of nowhere, but my immediate reaction was "Maybe you like the way it feels?"

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Be less literal, Peaches.

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The concert starts in five minutes. Obviously I didn't go. But I did drop my ghost so that's good.

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I think "drop it like it's a ghost" should replace 'drop it like it's hot." I mean, if you were holding something, and you realized it was a mini-ghost, wouldn't you drop it?

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If I realized I was holding a ghost, I think there would be a moment of anxiety and confusion before I dropped it. If something is hot, you instantly drop it because of the ow. If something is a ghost, I think I'd have one of those "Oh shit, is it alive? Will I hurt it if I drop it?" moments.

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That's true. Although sometimes, when I'm deep in thought, I've picked something up (usually a cigarette, by the wrong end) and my thought process is literally this "do do do picking this up... I guess we'll never know why it's called a 'blow' job when you're really supposed to suck-what's going on with my hand? Somethings wrong with my hand! What is it? It's HOT! OH NO!" in a split second, so idk. Also a fair chance I might respond strangely out of confusion. "It's a ghost?! I wonder how it tastes?" -nom-

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I tend to drop ghosts the first chance I get when I notice them. This one always seems to find me again, and I'm worried I'll never be fully rid of it.

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I really, really want a pocket-sized pet ghost now. Thanks, you guys.

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