I'm growing to hate the feeling of my loaded gun and the rushing heartbeat I get at every little sound. Waiting for the trouble that always seems to be around the corner has become so tiring.

I'm waiting for my friend to get back to me about a concert in Norfolk. That is four hours from my house but she is on the way and I do really want to go for a few reasons, the most important of which is that Lemuria's playing. But I also am not sure I want to go all the way to Norfolk. I am gripped by a familiar ghost and I don't know why I'm letting it touch me.

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Uh, the last bit is kinda out of nowhere, but my immediate reaction was "Maybe you like the way it feels?"

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Be less literal, Peaches.

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The concert starts in five minutes. Obviously I didn't go. But I did drop my ghost so that's good.

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I think "drop it like it's a ghost" should replace 'drop it like it's hot." I mean, if you were holding something, and you realized it was a mini-ghost, wouldn't you drop it?

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If I realized I was holding a ghost, I think there would be a moment of anxiety and confusion before I dropped it. If something is hot, you instantly drop it because of the ow. If something is a ghost, I think I'd have one of those "Oh shit, is it alive? Will I hurt it if I drop it?" moments.

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That's true. Although sometimes, when I'm deep in thought, I've picked something up (usually a cigarette, by the wrong end) and my thought process is literally this "do do do picking this up... I guess we'll never know why it's called a 'blow' job when you're really supposed to suck-what's going on with my hand? Somethings wrong with my hand! What is it? It's HOT! OH NO!" in a split second, so idk. Also a fair chance I might respond strangely out of confusion. "It's a ghost?! I wonder how it tastes?" -nom-

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I tend to drop ghosts the first chance I get when I notice them. This one always seems to find me again, and I'm worried I'll never be fully rid of it.

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I really, really want a pocket-sized pet ghost now. Thanks, you guys.

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