I ran away this weekend. Back in school once again. It was fun. The fun still overrules the stale aftertastes. It was worthwhile and productive. Chicago is an interesting city. The air was cold and windy and so were most of the people. But the people I was with were quite absent of that.

I finally cried. After months of wondering what was holding it back, it happened. I was sitting in S and J’s apartment with them and J2. S was playing some of his new songs on his acoustic for about 20 to 30 minutes. I felt it coming. He paused, wondering what next to play, and I suggested a song he played at the apartment, the night of December 25th when so much happened between me and Jesse.

When I was sitting on the ‘bed’ in the ‘family’ room fixed diagonally from Jesse, and S and Gray were singing and playing guitar. So many emotions, so many wonders going on. S played a so meaningful song. It sounded so good. I break down through the entirety. J was sitting next to me. There was so much warmth. It was so sad. I was happy and comforted.


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