Fuck being nice, I'm sick of being fucking nice and not saying anything when you're being a dramatic little bitch. You come in whining about your last day on your precious shitty game being ruined by the servers going down, being all melodramatic again(demanding DEATH DESTRUCTION AND BLOOD is melodrama in my book), I make one sarky comment and you're all over me like a rabid dog. And then I get the blame for 'provoking' it; fuck that shit! Just because you can't fucking handle one mild joke at your expense doesn't give you the right to fly off the fucking handle and start slinging death-threats like it ain't no thing. I was calm. I replied like this was all just you being silly, the usual reaction everyone gives you when you're in a 'ranty' mood. You fuck off in your mood and they all round on ME for setting you off! Well fucking excuse ME, I didn't realise the rule of 'be nice' also added 'or say nothing at all'! Fuck the lot of you, I'm done with being nice and looking the other way and saying nothing at all when you decide to be an asshole.


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