I often have the great luck of having women I was interested in tell me they were mutually interested only when it's far too late. Like they think that now that it doesn't matter anymore anyway, they might as well go out and say it.

I'm trying my damnedest to potentionally do the same thing to someone else right now.

I've thought she was cute as hell when I first met her... in fact I found her because I was using facebook to try to find someone to date... and I'd like to think we have great chemistry. ...but I chickened out and never did anything about it, so we've been just friends for the past few years.

But I fell for her all over again lately, but still haven't had the stones to say anything about it. Now there's only 2 weeks left before I move across the country, and there's not much point. There will be more damage than any good that could come from it by now.

So, I just have to let go of the pole and let the fish get away, and that always sucks.

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'You arrived exactly on time, which makes you late for this appointment! I am very busy blah blah lots of people to see yadda yadda when we tell you when to be here we mean arrive ten minutes early!'

So... why not tell me to arrive ten minutes earlier than you did? And please, the snotty patronising tone? Really not helping.

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I enjoyed watching you work late on something you felt passionate about. I miss working late into the night and just indulging in a project that I care about. Nowadays I can't manage to break out of the normal routine without getting tired as hell.

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