The smell of coffee grounds reminds me of staying home sick when I was little. If I was vomiting, I'd be given an empty coffee can to puke into. The lingering metallic coffee odor paired up with the feeling of being sick and imprinted on me in a way that still takes me back to those awful days when I smell it.

Sometimes I still smell you, usually when I'm distracted by something else. Then a woosh! of new air comes by me and I smell you. I know it isn't you, you've been gone for a long time. I can't remember the last time I saw you...but when I smell that scent that seems to linger for hours in my brain, I remember...

I remember everything that was happy about us

Then the smell fades and I am returned to what I was working on in the first place.

Even after I dropped you off, your smell lingered on my hands.

Something about the aftertaste of this diluted tea reminds me of the smell that the old electric mixer gave off at my grandparents’ house when I was little. Whenever it was used to mix up mashed potatoes, a warm, familiar smell would come from its motor, casting an aura of comfort and nostalgia through the kitchen.

Sometimes I wake up confused, because I swear I smell a man's cologne/deoderant on the bed beside me... but I always wake up alone.

... and it's such a good smell too.

I try to keep it in my mind, but it just floats away faster... like a dream...

...maybe it's my "dream man" making me forget things again.

... maybe someone is sneaking into my room at night to cuddle... though I wish they'd wake me so I could enjoy it too...

Or maybe not, because I'ma light sleeper, and most things wake me up... so maybe they drugged me... so maybe they're a creepy stalker...


And this is why sometimes I wake up confused.

I hate the smell of our room. I burn candles and she complains. I just hate the smell in here it's gross. And my candles smell WAY better

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I just got these really cool little oil things with bamboo sticks in them and then one day while jumping around to some stupid tai chi video I knocked one over into the tv and burned the whole thing out. Smoke and sparks it was kind of pretty and now my whole room smells like apples. It kind of gives me a headache now but it’s a forever air freshener at least until I toss that piece of melted junk.

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