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So I bought this totally gorgeous pair of shoes a few months ago. They're Rocketdog high wedge heels with some cute bits and bobs above the peeptoe(oh my god peeptoe) and the second I saw them I burned with terrible shoe-lust. I had to have them. And after a cursorry try-on, they seemed to fit fine so I bought them and was thrilled.

Then I tried wearing them, and oh man... They pinch my toes, they slip off my heels, they rub my feet raw in several places - but they're so cute! It's killing me that they've been sat in my wardrobe for months unworn, so today I put them on again with an appropriately sexy outfit. Even though I've just been sat at my PC I feel amazing, and somehow the fact that I have to concentrate very hard to walk makes me feel oddly turned-on.

I'm hobbled by these shoes, and it feels great. There must be something wrong with me...

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haha i'm kinda glad someone feels the same way. i've always fantasized, though, about getting a pair of out and out bondage heels. i just never have had anyone else interested.

also, wtf is with rocketdog shoes and being unwearable?

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I don't know, this is my first pair because I don't really have much spare cash for buying shoes but I just love the Rocketdog designs!

I'd love some proper patent stiletto bondage shoes but it's hard to find ones that aren't just cheaply and shittily made.

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