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Dealing with hypocritical, indecisive, arrogant assholes... Ughh!

I just want to scream at them sometimes!

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is wrong with me, exactly? Am I horribly unlucky? I have broken mirrors. Probably not in the womb though. Why the fuck is it so hard for me to reach out to people. To ask for help. To make friends? Why do I cry like this? I don't ever want to cry again.

Tears are liquid melancholy Drowning in this hole inside of me.

Just a big, fat, WTF.

Why am I so self destructive? Why is everything so fucking hard? Why do I lay in bed and think of everything that needs to be done.

Who am I? What do I define myself by? The way others have treated me? The way I'm told to view myself? Where's the damn equation, so I can work this out. X=love, y=hate, a=self, b=hope, etc.

Solve for A.

I don't know anything, except I want to lose myself in you, and I can't. Ever vigilant, ever careful, don't dare move for fear of causing the end of the world.

They say things always work out, when is that scheduled for? Hell I prolly missed it. Why do people use me and throw me away when I'm broke, boring, in trouble, in need?

WHY are my parents strangers.

Why, of all the things I've done, does this one thing haunt me so. I don't know how I would have reacted if I had known, before. I might have gotten rid of you anyway.

Why am I repulsive to people?

Why am I so alone?

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