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It was my first winter in the delivery business. I was a pizza delivery boy for Pizza King on the south side of town where the roads are over-salted, and people never shovel their sidewalks or walkways.

I was delivering in some type of weather emergency situation. The radio was going on and on about some sort of Winter Weather Advisory that was supposed to keep people from driving on the roads due to the worsening conditions. These rules/laws don't apply to pizza king. If the world was near its end and the apocalypse was upon us, pizza king would still deliver pizzas to anyone that called. Pizza king has very little respect for their pizza driving pawns that can easily be replaced if neccessary.

All of the other pizza drivers had managed to wreck their cars and I was one of two left. We were ridiculously busy. In the pizza delivery business there's a direct relation between bad weather and pizza delivery sales. The worse the weather is... the more deliveries we make. On Sunny days people are grilling out or driving around.

My feet were freezing cold from trudging through gutter-streams of slush that had found its way into my shoes through any permeable entry-way. I was not in the best of moods. I arrived at the house I was intended to deliver to. Their walk-way had not been shoveled. As a matter of fact, it had been packed down due to the amount of traffic the area received. I could see the customer looking at me through the window. I started walking towards the house and I fell extremely hard on my ass. Somehow, I managed to catch the pizza. The customer saw the whole thing and still decided to stiff me. No tip at all. To make things worse they were upset that I fell because I could have ruined the pizza. I'm sure they called the store and tried their hardest to get a free pizza the next time they ordered. People on this side of town do that. They always want to get something free. I guess I can't blame them. The pizza they are all addicted to is so over-priced that I won't even buy it with a 50% employee discount.

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