There seems to be this trend going around that I'd like to caution you all on. It's an insidious and terrible trend that threatens to tear us apart and remold us into things that we don't want to be. It's spreading like wildfire through the ranks of the NORMALS at a rate unprecidented by modern trendologists, or advertising research firms if you want to be technical about it.

This trend involves doing things... and even SAYING things... that you already are aware of! Can you BELEIVE it?

These poor fools are willingly doing jobs and projects that they actually know how to do! They are preforming tasks that are easy to do! They are even suggesting that you try and preform tasks that seem understandable by non-specialists!

Just a word of warning. Remember, dreamers and seekers, avoid doing anything ...... No, that's the end of that sentance actually. Anyone who tells you that doing simple things in concert will help get large and amazing goals done is our ENEMY, for they threaten your leisure.

The only way to deflect this is a passive aggressive stance and a few phrases that amount to 'I'm too good for THAT' . Good luck and keep dreaming!



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