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It seems to me, of late, there have been a lot of random sparks flying up around the lovely ether. It kind of makes me nervous to post anymore because I'm worried about the reaction. That's why I don't talk about things in the first place : the reaction.

It seems that I spend most of my life trying to anticipate what the reaction out of the person I'm with is going to be. I am always so careful to try not to offend someone and I wind up doing it anyway all to often.

I know that I do, sometimes, go after that on purpose. When I'm arguing with someone (and I love arguing when there aren't a lot of people around) that I sometimes hit sensitive points in order to defend myself but later on I feel bad for that. I feel like I ought to have handled that better... I don't know.

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Ether does seem like an inappropriate tool to use to flame people. I don't think that there's much of a point in it continuing if infighting starts up.

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Hopefully we can stay civil, agree to disagree, disagreeing posts stay polite. If you want to fight about it that much, exchange phone numbers or IM each other. I don't want Ether to go away.

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yeah, i understand.

i personally have never been one to shy away from internet wars. the ether is a tricky thing because by the nature of it people are going to post inflammatory and controversial thoughts. maybe we should have an ether conference and just agree to keep our disagreements civil? it doesn't seem to be too bad yet.

i personally don't think disagreement is a bad thing, it makes people think. it just has to be done carefully.

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I thought that’s what made ether great the anonymity of the site. A safe place to speak your mind regardless of what others think. Then again I have troubling controlling the verbal diarrhea that spews from my mouth time to time. Hence the loss of my last job…anyway, if some one color ganged up on another then yeah it’s not worth it I mean if they went out of their way to attack this other color than I believe that’s the only way this site could really fail. Other than that reaction are what people are good at. Take it all with a grain of salt and shot of vodka.

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I agree that ether is to let all of us post what we want without fear of judgment. However, that is the whole point. You can't just bitch about what someone posted. It makes them feel bad, which is exactly what we want to avoid. Isn't that why we all came to ether in the first place; to feel like we don't have to hide what we think about from fear of persecution? If we continue down this road we'll be just like the outside world. I don't want that.

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Uhm.. I still think "If you care that much, get on a freaking messenger service and argue" is the best term. People aren't going to just not argue. They're people. Maybe something polite in the FAQ? For the sake of the entire site, once you get past the line of civil, openminded discussion, take it elsewhere.

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