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It works. I post links to ether here and there, usually without explaination, and I found out yesterday it works. I've been talking with another Thinker in PM, and we exchanged messenger info, and... messaged each other. I asked her how she found ether, and she said it was posted on X site, which is a small site, and it turns out it was my post. Kind of neat.

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and so ether grows...internet domination here we come

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Dominating the internet sounds yucky.

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I guess so because then we'd have to let everybody in and I'm starting to get possesive about this site

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I don't think you need to worry. Of all the people I've linked directly to the front page and known, exactly none have liked it. "WTF is this, some sort of emo faggotry?" And then they look at me, wearing a long flowing forest green skirt and a bright purple sleeveless top, and with Owen's Grateful Dead poster behind me. "You're not even a good emo."

Point is, not many people are going to see the appeal of Ether. I mean, it will be a lot, eventually... but not a large percentile of those who stumble across it.

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You're right.... it's kinda like free publicity for this wonderful place of thought. I tell people about it all the time, hoping that they'll check into it. The person who told me about it made it sound like such a great thing.... now I'm addicted!

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